June 30, 2015
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B. R. Post
June 15, 2015
property taxes paid on my house, protection over us all and our home, so it does not come under threat or snare or incident, Lord shield our home and us now, in Jesus Name, Lord dont allow the enemy in or near any of us or the clement/ogden families/homes/lives,etc. Lord rebuke the devourer from our lives and home NOW IN JESUS NAME, AMEN. Lord also bless my family, let ACR be healed of her constant cold now, send ACR a good man, a car and let her get her license now, bless the soon to be engagement and marriage between sarah and cody, crush the enemy under us, deliver us from every evil and temptation and illness and harm, in Jesus Name, we pray, Amen.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
June 2, 2015
I need prayer for strength, peace and understanding,and more of God. I need prayer for strongholds to be released in my life so I can be a better person.
Natassia M. Post
April 26, 2015
I am requesting prayer for strength and peace. Also pray for me financially and spiritually. Last but not least pray for me to gain a better more closer relationship with God in Jesus name.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
April 9, 2015
Pastor - I am requesting prayer for strenght, perservance, and peace. Please pray that every strong hold over me is destroyed. I need rest! Also, please pray that I will continue to pursue the things of God fervently, and not allow distractions to distort my view. Thank you Pastor, I truly appreciate your help...
sheila s. Post
March 8, 2015
Please pray for me to pass the background check so that I can start work on my new job after being laid off for a year also for the reuniting of my family but most all for a more spiritual relationship with god
Mike F. Post
February 6, 2015
prayer over my situation, financially, emotionally & spiritually with my divorce
Anonymous Anonymous Post
January 26, 2015
Please pray that I can obtain a 4 bedroom house for me and my family. I made a vow to God that I would start a women's bible study in my home. I also would like to do my business from my home doing hair. I need prayer to make good grades this semester and my daughter needs to pass her GED and start college. And last but not least I would like to be able to come there to meet pastor Biard in person. Cherlisa
Anonymous Anonymous Post
January 2, 2015
Please deliver me from security guard Eric Redmond attacks on my mind and body. Let me able to resist the devil and his temptations. May I be fully restored.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
December 22, 2014
Pray for my son to remove himself from bad influences and to become a leader.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
December 22, 2014
For my son and daughter to love me with there whole heart and for them to find GOD. For the world to come back to the word of GOD, and to recognize wrong from right. For me to get a job with the State of Michigan ASAP. Thank You KMN
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