February 14, 2016
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BevAnn T. Post
February 10, 2016
Please pray for my son in law Eric Adams that the Lord will be done in his life.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
January 31, 2016
Please pray for Andrew Holness the leader of the Jamaica Labour Party. Pray that he will find favour at the poll with the Jamaican people. Pray that God will intervene in he upcoming election and that he will make the impossible becomes possible..Pray that Andrew Holness and the party he leads stay out of scandals and corruptions.......Please pray that he will be victorious at the polls in the upcoming election in Jamaica.
Shell W. Post
November 30, 2015
GoodMorning...Pray for my mother. Help stop her negativity towards me and others. The doubts. Please pray for meme. For wisdom and strength. For me and my children to bond closer.I am yet being hardheaded. To know better is to do better.Income. In your name Jesus, Amen.
Johnnie C. Post
November 30, 2015
Johnnie C. Please pray for me I stand in the need of a $20,000 financial miracle.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
October 6, 2015
I'm asking special, urgent, prayer
for my husband and I. first and
far most we desire to have a special bond, a special connection with our Heavenly Father. we desire to become debt free and delivered out of bondage. A special prayer for our children's and grandchildren that God will prosper all to excel in all areas that we go to do. The favor of God and his smiles will continue to be upon us.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
September 28, 2015
Pray for my husband's walk with Christ. That he would re-commit his life to Jesus. Pray fro his surgery next wk, that God will let it be successful and would also conduct surgery in his Spiritual life.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
September 22, 2015
Please pray for my health and a piece of mind. I'm in a abusive relationship. He has destroyed everything thing that would of help me to get away from him..from my job, down to the relationship with my family. I need your prayer warriors to pray me out of this situation! I KNOW GOD IS ABLE! God bless
tiffany t. Post
September 22, 2015
I want my church family to pray for strength for my family and a break through. I would like pray for my son that he will find his way and not let the world get him down and that he will find his way if he would just believe in God . And for my sister that she can get a understanding of what she is going through in her life and to know that God has her back. and for me I want pray for understanding my place in what God wants me to do and where he wants me to be . in Jesus name.
Sheana h. Post
September 10, 2015
My ex husband and I are divorced. He gets custody of our children every other weekend. He was suppose to bring them back 8/23/15 @ 6. Instead he is keeping my children and threatened me to come on the property to get them. I found out he has a temporary restraining order filed where I can't be anywhere around my kids. He put them in school where he resides. Told the courts I was unfit. 3 years ago, he didn't want to do anything with or for them. Please pray I get my children back because he is a very abusive person.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
August 27, 2015
Please pray for my daughter who has cancer that has metastasized. We know that God is still healing. Also pray for her two daughters who are 8 and 2. There are some prayer warriors at Jackson Revival. Thank you.
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