September 3, 2015
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Prayer Requests

Anonymous Anonymous Post
August 27, 2015
Please pray for my daughter who has cancer that has metastasized. We know that God is still healing. Also pray for her two daughters who are 8 and 2. There are some prayer warriors at Jackson Revival. Thank you.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
August 27, 2015
ask for saints of god come along side pray with me and my children needing housing not hand out seaching gods direction thanks
Anonymous Anonymous Post
August 16, 2015
Please pray for me that GOD will move satan out of my way. It seem that every time I turn around some one is trying to hurt my feeling or mistreat me. Please pray that I have peace on my job, pray that GOD move bad people out of my way. Pray for my brother and the whole family that God will save then before it to late...pray for my church family I hear them talking about one another, I feel we should try to help each other and not put people down. I love you pastor and mother, I enjoy your teaching very much...May GOD BLESS You always!
Anonymous Anonymous Post
August 12, 2015
please pray for my mother in law, her name is Judy and she has been diagnosed with stomach cancer. I know that God is a healer, please pray for her strength and the strength and peace of her husband and her daughters.
D. Elizabeth H. Post
August 12, 2015
Good early morn, My name is D'Arcy Elizabeth and I am asking for prayer for my mind and my children. it seems when the devil can't get to me he goes after one of them. Please pray for our protection and my peace of mind so that I will become all that God wants me to be.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
August 10, 2015
Charles Trimble has pancreatic cancer. Jane Washington recovering from several major surgeries as a result of a form of cancer that can attack her body anywhere. Right now cancer free. Pray that cancer does not return. Need a miracle for son college tuition.
Jessie J. Post
August 2, 2015
Please pray for my family, we are going through a challenge right now. My niece is in drug rehab, my parents are tired, I'm tired. Please help us, give us strength. Thank you.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
August 1, 2015
Please pray for my health as my womb is under attack, additionally my mother lost her job due to unfair maliciousness.
My younger sister has mental problems which was identified as demonic attacks. She is very stubborn, prideful and in denial that she is in the wrong. Unfortunately her circumstances have held her back in life. Additionally my other younger brother has fallen in with a bad crowd who have changed his personality and God -fearing character into an unrecognisable, careless, cold, abusive disrespectful boy. My whole family and the house we live in is under satanic attack. Please intercede for us. Thankyou and God bless your ministry
Anonymous Anonymous Post
July 29, 2015
I am requesting prayer I am trying to purchase a home which I have Long desired I need prayer that God will turn some things around dealing with my credit so that I can qualify for 100% approval for a loan I pray for higher credit score and that God will place me with spiritual worker the institution is bank corp bank thank you amen
Anonymous Anonymous Post
July 16, 2015
This is the biggest prayer request of my life. In 49 years ive never been in a situation like I am now. Only a miracle from God can help me. Ive been told its not possible BUT, I do know that God is bigger than this situation and although the wheels are in motion, he CAN stop the wheels and rescue me. I ask you to pray in Jesus name, please Lord get me out of this. Thank you for your prayers!
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