September 25, 2016
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Anonymous Anonymous Post
July 26, 2016
God we ask you to forgive us for our transgressions as we forgive others. God we come to you with thanksgiving as you are the ruler of the universe heaven and earth. God you are a healer nothing is impossible for you. We pray God removes blockage, strongholds, hindrances, fear, doubt, obstacles, drugs, alcohol, adultery, witchcraft, and anything in our way of our destiny. God we lift up my estranged husband Lionel Sr. of 12 years and break the yoke of bondage that's been on me for 1 year and 6 months in the name of Jesus - We plead the blood of Jesus against the strongholds and bondage in the name of Jesus. God your will be done in the earth in this situation. We pray and plead the blood of Jesus against them. God Bless them. Bind up the wounded soul, bless people to forgive, repent, and be humble to ask you Jesus. We stand on your promises as you establish it in the earth in name of Jesus. We bind demonic and satanic attacks in our lives on earth and they are bound in heaven. We loose the Angels to go before us to prepare the way on earth and they are loosed in heaven in Jesus name we pray. (Strengthen My Faith) Amen and Amen. Thank you Jesus
Anonymous Anonymous Post
July 12, 2016
Dear Jesus i pray to find a home and for direction please put someone in my life that can hep.I pray for wisdom and help with this the most important decision.I pray that i will be happy there and the people are kind and are happy with the job i do.I pray that you send angles to protect me at this critical time in my life.I pray for emotional intelligence and wisdom.I pray for absolution of my sin's and i completely forgive everyone and everything.I pray for everyone i said i would pray for please guide them and help them with there need's.I pray for the homeless may all there need's be met and large project's for housing take place.I pray for all of the innocent may they be treated with dignity released and heal.I pray for those most in need of your mercy may they turn to you and heal.I pray for the profit in war to be taken out.I pray our leader's make much better decision's.I pray for the addicted may science find something to set them free.I pray for the animal's may all there need's be met.I pray for all those in need of medical may there fear's diminish and they recive treatment and medicine.I pray to be cleaned in body,heart,mind,deed,speech,thought,soul.I pray any sinful thought be replaced with wise thought's and the sinful and stupid thought be cast away.I pray my back heal's.I pray for the church may it do your will.I pray for blessing's for those who pray please thank them for this wonderful gift.I pray for everyone at maxiens and the pioneer club.I pray for the lonely may they find friendship.Thank you Jesus i love you.AMEN Andrew Please pray for me please share or forward THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!
Mary M. Post
June 30, 2016
Please pray for me. My husband play mind games everyday and I need him to stop. I ask him to stop but he continues.
Natalie P. Post
June 17, 2016
PLEASE pray for my stress test that I took on my heart to come back normal. Pray for my husband he is dealing with fear of stepping out to start his business and ministry that GOD have told him to start. PRAY that he fulfill everything on the earth that GOD would have him to do.pray for devine connections for us that we are connected to the right people in this season of our lives.pray for my brother Anthony to be healed of his sickness in Jesus name. PRAY for a financial miracle for me and my husband. PRAY for our health for us to be whole and healthy. Thks
Anonymous Anonymous Post
June 5, 2016
I'm asking for prayer over a young lady named LaShandra Darby. She is a young mother, a single mother that is battling cervical cancer. The doctor isn't giving her long but I know my God is able. I'm requesting for prayers over her strength to keep fighting and to not give up. In Jesus name...Amen.
deepu b. Post
June 3, 2016
I request u to pay heed to my prayer request considering it of a very serious nature. I met with an injury in childhood but it ruined my life and career. I could only realize the problem on left side of my body from head to toe after I crossed age of 16. All I say, do I have hope to live so that I can get my brain and body in order that I have lost. I am 44 unmarried male living in India and I need my life back and also every dream that I cherished. World left me with time but I want u to pray for the same world and also my near and dear ones.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
May 1, 2016
I'm asking for prayer for my mom who's in the hospital. She's having surgery Tuesday.
I'm also asking for prayer for my business & a financial blessing
Anonymous Anonymous Post
April 23, 2016
Prayer Request Health
Prayer Request Health: Jimena A.Tarraga. bone problems, lumbar spine, restoring the female reproductive system, psychic and spiritual emotional healing, Patricia E . Rioja and her friend Eugenia. bone, spine. problems, glandular and hormonal problems, restoration of the female reproductive system. Biologico.Sanidad emotional restoration clock. Monica E: Guaymas, messy aftermath flow of blood cancer, female reproductive system restoration, Maria C. Gomez ----- problems of osteoarthritis in their knees, diabetes problems .. Maria de los A:.. Fernandez problems obesity and diabetes, emotional problems., Pascual A. Lopez diabetes problems, obesity bone knee problems. Ignacio Lopez neurological problems bone problems in knees and spine. Graciela E.Parodi. emotional healing., Claudio James Carlsson. impaired vision and hearing., Matias Lopez neurological problems, maturational development., Bernardo Torres. Arthritis knee problems osteoarthritis., ------ Cecilia Tocto Emotional Health, Cancer Federico Araos cancer., Health Emotional Health Francisca Bautista Zalazar Emotional problems in the leg and hip bones., ELENITA Tarraga emotional health., Miguel . Benitez emotional disorder Health BI-POLAR, behavioral disorders., Sonia emotional health Leano BI-POLAR disorder, conduct disorders., Sandra Bravo emotional healing, BI-POLAR disorder, conduct disorders., Iliana Moreti Zanelli emotional health., Andrea M. Fano Health emotionally Lesbianism., Franco Herrera emotional and spiritual health., Susana Cruz Cancer- emotional and spiritual health., Miguel Herrera ---- emotional healing., Delia Guitian emotional health., Fernando Herrera emotional healing., Ramiro Herrera emotional healing., Mauro Herrera emotional healing., Franco Herrera emotional health., Graciela E. Parodi circulatory problems, rheumatism, arthritis, osteoarthritis ,, physical exhaustion, extreme, muscle aches., Ana L. Zeitoune emotional health Lesbianism., Exequiel Robles problems with drugs., Maria Jose Avila Q. emotional health, suicide attempt., Wilfredo Herrera Neurological problems, problems maturational development., Miguel A. Herrera emotional health., ----- Delia Guittian Emotional Saniad., Monica Guittian Saniad Emotional., Julian Ramirez Emotional Health., Miguel Zurita Emotional Health., Maximiliano Cordoba Emotional Health., Florence Cordoba Emotional Health. Matthew Pereira neurological problems., Miguel A. Benitez. Emotional Health., Sonia Leano Emotional Health., ----- Emotional Health Jose Cholquevilca., Iliana M. Zanelli Emotional Health. Monica Guaymas Emotional Health. Maria C. Gómez Emotional Health., Maria A. Fernandez Emotional Health. Jesus Nicolas G. Emotional Health Fister., Lumena B. Guyamas Emotional Health Emotional Health Mabel Mamani, nerve problems, arthritis, arthrosis, bone problems .,Claudio Gomez: glandular problems, obesity, prostate
Anonymous Anonymous Post
April 23, 2016
Prayer Request Ministry
Prayer Request Ministry . Amador Evaristo ANGELES Burgos.-that the Lord is sending workers to the work, opening of economic and financial resources for the construction of the temple Ministry resources, Your hope is Jesus., Fernando Guanuco, Opening of economic and financial resources, buying a property for the construction of own building Ministry Christ the Only Solution
Anonymous Anonymous Post
April 23, 2016

Prayer Request Judiciary
Prayer Request judiciary-resolution Judiciary- working and civil judgments concerning real estate scam .------,
Prayer Request Judiciary Ana Carolina, resolution of pending paperwork and court records concerning causes labor demands , charging fees, resolution of paperwork and court records, execution of sentence .--
Prayer-Request Judiciary -Graciela E. Parodi divorce proceedings division of property., -
Prayer Request Patricia judicial court E.Rioja.Expedientes locked .--
Prayer Request., Elucidation of unlawful workplace., --
Prayer request -Judiciales Amador Evaristo records and judicial proceedings concerning Vehicle purchase, your hope is Jesus Ministry
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